Nothing can upend your life quite like the devastation that a fire in your home can bring. Not only does such an event pose an immediate life safety risk, the aftermath of putting back the pieces can be exceedingly difficult. Even if a fire is contained to a small portion of the house, the smoke, soot, and odor can penetrate deep into the structures and contents of your home and will require remediation by trained professionals. At Rick-N-Ball Restoration + Construction, Inc, you can rest assured that we will walk you through the process and provide you with the resources to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.


  • Emergency services (door/window board up and tarping, up to 3 day hotel stay, 24 hour emergency clothes cleaning and deodorizing)
  • Remove the source of the fire or smoke damage, clean the affected area, utilize ozone/hydroxyl generators as necessary, seal interior walls as needed
  • Work with you and your insurance company to clean, resurface, or replace structural components and personal contents.



  • Have an evacuation plan in place and do not risk life or limb for the sake of property; call 911 immediately
  • Burned or charred materials may still be producing dangerous and toxic gases, do not reenter a burned structure until cleared by fire department personnel
  • Fire damage can cause electrical hazards. Stay clear of exposed wires and ensure a certified electrician inspects any areas where fire may have damaged electrical lines

How to Prep

  • Contact fire department personnel
  • Do not reenter a smoke or fire damaged home
  • Contact Rick-N-Ball Restoration

R-N-B Specializing

  • Set up containment to prevent further smoke or soot damage
  • Deodorize the structure by removing the source of the odor
  • Clean moderate to light smoke contaminated areas
  • Utilize deodorizers, modification agents, pairing agents, and enzymes as appropriate
  • Emplace an ozone generator and/or hydroxyl machine to force odors out of the materials in your home
  • Seal walls with shellac-based primer/sealer as appropriate