Prevent Mold and Future Damage with Water Damage Restoration in Harvest, Athens, Madison & Huntsville, AL

Water damage often comes unexpectedly but rest assured, Rick-N-Ball Restoration + Construction, Inc is always ready to swing into action. Water can quickly destroy your property if not quickly extracted and dried properly. Water damage causes wood to warp, floor adhesives to loosen, and drywall to soften. If not quickly addressed, water damage can lead to further health concerns such as mold. Immediate attention is necessary to prevent further damage.


  • Save first, but remove and haul away any unsalvageable materials such as the carpet pad.
  • Remove excess water with specialty extraction equipment.
  • Set up drying equipment based on the IICRC industry standard.
  • Monitor humidity levels and moisture content to prevent secondary damages.
  • Work directly with your insurance company as applicable.



  • Watch for slippery floors.
  • Be alert to potential electrical hazards.

How to Prep

  • Turn off water
  • Contact plumber
  • Call Rick-N-Ball Restoration
  • Move small, dry personal belongings to unaffected area (we will do all the heavy lifting)

R-N-B Specializations

  • Emplace industrial air movers to accelerate drying.
  • Set up dehumidifiers to pull moisture out of the air.
  • Emplace air scrubbers to mitigate potential airborne contaminants and reduce dust during any required demolition.
  • Estimates can be provided in Xactimate (insurance recognized software estimating).